70 Years of the
Celebration Event

On September 20th 1948, the Morris Minor was unveiled to the public at the Earls Court Motor Show in London.
Come and join the MMOC as we celebrate the occasion with a visit to William Morris's home.

September 23, 2018

70th Anniversary of the
launch of the Morris Minor

Join us at Nuffield Place for a small gathering (70 cars only) at the home of Lord Nuffield to mark the 70th anniversary of the Morris Minor launch date. Bring a picnic and chairs to enjoy in our own parking area close to the house and wander back and forth as you wish throughout the day*. The Rally Fee is £10 and includes entry to the house and gardens for the driver (passengers can enjoy a discounted rate of £7.75 payable to National Trust at the site), along with a commemorative plaque and gift. Pre-booked vehicles will also have a photo opportunity for their car in front of Nuffield House in groups of ten. Our parking is at the rear of the car park (behind the hawthorn hedge). You will be called up in groups to bring your car to the house for photos - please do not come up the drive until you are called as you won't get access to the photo location and will impede other traffic.
Please help the marshals help you by following their instructions for vehicle movements/parking.

Dress up in period 50's costume on the day - extra points for luncheon meat in your picnic! There will be a bottle of champagne for the best presented car and occupants.

Later you can make your own way to the Mini Visitor Centre at T Block, MINI Plant Oxford, Oxford OX4 6NL for another photo opportunity, this time with all 70 Minors attending. This is about as near geographically as your Minor can be to the spot it rolled off the production line. There is a suggested scenic route that we'll email to you, which should only take around half an hour. Please aim to arrive at the plant at 2pm for a 2.30pm photoshoot. Again, there will be MMOC marshals on hand to assist you. We are hoping that you will also be afforded the opportunity to walk around the small museum on the site, dedicated to the Minis built there.

* Please Note: We've had an awesome summer this year and hopefully the weather will remain kind to us on the day. However there are NO undercover facilities at Nuffield Place so in the event of poor weather please bring suitable clothing. There are only modest catering facilities at Nuffield House, and no catering at all at the MINI plant, so you are advised to bring food and drink with you.